5 Things To Do BEFORE Listing Your House

5 Things to check before you list your home.

Virtually every home that is sold goes through an inspection.    Time and time again I see several of the same types of issues, so now I recommend all my clients get a home inspection and make repairs long before their home is even listed.   You might be thinking “my house is in good shape and if there is anything they find, it can’t be a big deal.”   Remember a home inspector gets paid to find things, so he will!   There are several advantages of getting the inspection done early and taking care of major repairs made before listing:

  • You have the time now to competitively bid or even consider doing the work yourself.    If you wait until you are under contract you may only have a few weeks and the buyer may want to see the contractor license and credentials, which may end up costing you a lot more.
  • You can also have the work done at a convenient time for you, such as during the week you are working from home versus in the tense days just before closing.
  • It shows better.   If your house has no significant issues it shows better to buyers.   Also, if you wait and significant issues are found, the buyer may decide to back out.

So the top 5 issues I see are:

  1. Crawl spaces – Mold, water, damaged insulation, and pests
  2. Signs of water leaks on ceilings and in attics -Verify there is not a current leak, use a priming sealer, and paint
  3. Dry rot on windows, doors, and thresholds – Probe the wood with a screw driver to ensure nothing is rotten.   If so replace those portions.
  4. Broken window seals on double paned windows – Look at every window and verify that they do not look foggy even after you have cleaned them.   If they do, the protective thermal characteristics have been compromised.
  5. Check GFIs – GFIs can get fail over time.   Push the “test” button on all of yours to ensure they are working correctly.


Now relax, you have just significantly reduced your odds of having and “exciting” closing on your house!


Barbara Green West Cary Real Estate



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