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For many Americas our 1st home is a starter home….it makes us home owners, we love it, we fix it up, and we start to have children there.   As we add new family members and they start to grow up and have more activities we start to feel that our little starter home we loved so much is about to burst at the seams.    We begin to dream of a much larger home with all the space we need, with the best schools, a great kitchen to help us feed all those hungry kids, and of course storage to tuck all the sports equipment away!

Fortunately, our careers tend to take off at about the same time.   We have great work experience, we are mature/responsible adults, and we still have all the energy we need to handle both the demands of a high paying job and our family.   Then suddenly we have the means to afford that dream house and soon it is a reality.   We love that new house too, our children grow, learn, and become adults themselves in that great house. That house harbors many of the best memories of our lives.

In the blink of an eye the kids are off to college, their own careers, and perhaps get married and start their families.   By now our career has reached its zenith, we start to think about funding our retirement and about having to clean/heat/maintain all that extra space.   Dusting rooms that have not been used since the last time we dusted them is such a waste and makes us feel lonely in this big old house. As much as we love children, the constant noise from new kids in the neighborhood, school busses, and incessant dogs barking seems tiring…been there done that.

We have come full circle.   That house that we needed for our growing family is now just a burden around or neck and our wallet.   Before we get too old to enjoy it, we want to trade in that weed wacker for some golf clubs, a great trip, or a new bike and really enjoy our precious free time.   Wouldn’t it be great to have a community of active adults like ourselves with a great clubhouse/workout facility and even a few mixer events to meet new friends?   Then we start thinking, why wait until I retire?   Why not right size now, save more money and have more fun with less yard work?   If this is starting to sound tantalizing, you are ready to explore the world of active adult communities and embrace your new life!

The really good news is that there are new active adult communities popping up all over and the list of amenities and features are long.   Here is a list of some of the top communities in the Cary area:

Active adult communities near Cary

I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about active adult communities and do a competitive market analysis on your current home, so please contact me.   Also, in my next blog I will do an update on my favorite active adult communities.


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